What is TikTok hashtag? Why should we use it?

With some people, TikTok might be a comparatively new social network but this app hasn’t stopped from becoming popular at an exponential rate. From the day of being launched- 9/2016, TikTok has been developing strongly and already has a massive user base.

According to recent statistics, TikTok has more than 500 million monthly active users and this number is expected to grow in the near future. With the massive number of users and a high growing rate, TikTok emerges as a promising market. However, it is not easy for anyone to simply take part in TikTok and become successful after one night. That is the reason why we should use TikTok hashtags. Hashtags can help you grow your TikTok account and gain more attraction from user community.

What is TikTok hashtag? Why should we use it?

In this post, we will give answers for 2 most common questions of TikTok users about Hashtags. These are “What is TikTok hashtag?” and “Why should we use it?”

What is TikTok hashtag?

In fact, hashtags are very important for any social network and TikTok is no exception. Just like SEO is important for a website, hashtags are extremely important for each social media.

You can understand simply that TikTok hashtag is a word, or a phrase standing after a symbol #. Hashtags are commonly used on social network platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and especially TikTok. They often consist of keywords, or topics that users are interested in on TikTok and link posts into a group of related content. From that, users can find what they want easily and conveniently.

When you tag hashtags with your TikTok posts, users can see more posts about this topic by searching them on social networking platform. Once they click on the hashtag, a list of results that have the same hashtag will appear.

What is TikTok hashtag? Why should we use it?

And when you receive a lot of posts after searching one hashtag, it means that this hashtag is popular on TikTok. Maybe it is a new hot trend. However,TikTok trends do not stem from the hottest hashtags at all time. That your TikTok post become popular or not also depends on the uniqueness of your content, the geographical environment and user interest in the content. But you should remember that Hashtags will help you boost your popularity better.

On  TikTok, you can use hashtags with the content promoting a new humorous challenge (Hashtag Challenge), or follow TikTok hot trends that are closely related to your video.

What is TikTok hashtag? Why should we use it?

Why should we use hashtags on TikTok

As you know, hashtag is an essential part of TikTok, represents for this application. And these are strong reasons supporting using TikTok hashtags:

1. They are very important to gain more Likes:

You will agree with me that hashtag makes it easy to know what all the TikTok videos are about even before clicking to watch. And when you reveal what to expect on your video with your fans, it is more likely that they’ll follow it. This is because hashtags suggest trending topics at that time on TikTok. Most of them are so interesting and attractive that noone wants to miss. Adding TikTok hashtags on your videos will help you access to the larger number of followers. As the result, your Likes on TikTok will increase rapidly.

What is TikTok hashtag? Why should we use it?

2. Using hashtags is a way to receive more followers

Some TikTok users are looking for specific content. And when you take a step forward and tell them what to expect in your video, you’ll get their attention and give them a reason to follow your account. If you provide what you have promised and implied in Hashtags, they will follow you.  Just remember that hashtags can only help you show your content to more TikTok users . However, it is the quality of your video content that will finally close the deal and help you get more followers.

What is TikTok hashtag? Why should we use it?


4. You can identify your competitors through using TikTok

If you work as a marketing staff for a certain brand or you are online seller, TikTok hashtags are useful to identify your competitors. When you often use popular industry TikTok hashtags, you might also end up following some of them. By doing so, you can know what other people competing for ads or products with you are doing. Moreover, if you are lack of ideas for your marketing campaign on TikTok, you can refer to popular videos with hot hashtag on this app to find the unique ideas.

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How to find the best TikTok Hashtags?

Now you know what Tik Tok hashtag is and what benefits you will get from using it. We guess that you may be wondering how you can find the best TikTok hashtags. You want to add popular hashtags effectively to improve your marketing strategies, get more followers, get more likes and ultimately more sales.

Fortunately, there are several techniques that have been tried and proven to find the best Tik Tok Hashtags. Here are four techniques to find accurate TikTok hashtags for your posts:

1.  Know who your audiences are:

As we mentioned below, each TikTok user loves different topics and they will only follow specific hashtags. Posting without consideration will make you ignore useful and important hashtags. If that thing happens, you will soon lose a number of followers and viewers. Therefore, the rule to become popular is finding out more about your audience and making sense of what they love. For example, if most of your audiences are young, you should make video expressing dynamism and energy as well as adding hashtags related to hot trends of the young.

What is TikTok hashtag? Why should we use it?

2. Learn from TikTok influencers

If you’ve ever researched TikTok market, you probably know who is in that field. They are TikTok influencers who have established their top positions on TikTok . You should learn how to use Hashtags from them. What you need to do is researching their trends in using hashtags on TikTok posts. And if possible, you can find out the success they are gaining from these efforts. From there, you will be able to know exactly how to use TikTok hashtags in most effective way.

3. Know about your opponent

Another way to find the best TikTok hashtags is through your competitors. If you follow the kinds of hashtags they regularly post, you’ll have an idea of ​​what your audience expects from your TikTok videos. Chances are that they might be using TikTok hashtags that are relevant to your content as well

This is especially when you are a beginner in TikTok marketing and trying to reach your goal. You must know that it is unnecessary  to copy and paste all hashtags your opponent apply. Instead, you only use them as a guide and suggestion to create new hashtags for your own.

4. Use available tools

There are a number of tools that suggest hashtags you should use on TikTok. Regardless of the fields you are in, these tools are extremely useful. This is because they combine a number of hashtags devided into specific categories. Some tools, for example, are Seekmetrics, All Hashtag,….

In short, TikTok hashtags are useful tools that brings numerous benefits to users. Before posting your TikTok videos, remember to add some suitable hashtags in caption. If you do so, you can boost your content’s reach and engagement. We hope that some suggestion in using hashtags in this post will help you become successful on this app. When using TikTok, you are also be able to create your own hashtags and use them to your advantage. If you have any questions about using TikTok, leave comments and we will try to reply as soon as possible!

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