Top 6 common questions when using TikTok

The phrase “TikTok” has not been too strange for young people in recent years. Using TikTok becomes a trend and a powerful wave affecting the global young community because this app has so many features outstanding and attractive with users. However, not everyone has enough knowledge about TikTok and is likely to use TikTok competently. Do not worry! This post- “Top 6 common questions when using TikTok” will help you.

Top 6 common questions when using TikTok

1. What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social network created by ByteDance technology company and launched in September 2016. This app specializes in providing users with an useful tool to share short videos about creativity, knowledge, unforgettable moments in life.

TikTok quickly receives the love of young people. At the beginning, Tik Tok software was just a small application, but gradually Tik Tok has developed and spread as quickly and strongly as the big social networks now. In 2018, it is considered as the most downloaded social network all over the world, surpassing Instagram – the application with the highest growth in the precious year.Top 6 common questions when using TikTok

Moreover, experts expect that TikTok will become a huge social network on par with Facebook and be a potential market for creative and technological lovers as well as online sellers. Although TikTok aims to user at the age of 24 and younger, this app is not only popular in young people. Funny and amazing videos on TikTok can attract anyone in various ages.

2. How to download and install TikTok on smartphone?

Firstly, you need to download TIK TOK  to your smart phone. Follow this link:

For Android phone:

For iOS phone:

After finding TikTok on Play Store or App Store, please click on “Install” and wait for some minutes to download TikTok successfully.Top 6 common questions when using TikTok

3. Can I download TikTok on computer?

Of course, nothing can prevent you from using TikTok! For the computer version, you cannot directly download and use smartphone version, you must rely on the assistance of emulators.Top 6 common questions when using TikTok

Some of the most popular simulator software without paying fees today are BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, KoPlayer, … Or if you want experience better services, you can choose paid apps like AMIDuOS costing about 10- 15 USD to use the product for a lifetime. Compared to other free applications, AMIDuOS runs better, smoother and works more efficiently. But some free apps we suggest are also good choices. After the emulator is finished installing, you can launch the Play Store/ App Store to download TikTok. You can download the emulators at:

The steps to register the TikTok account on the computer are not much different from them on the phone version. You just need to follow the instructions of Tik Tok to log in and freely create interesting videos with million views.

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How to use TikTok on PC and Mac?

4. How to create a TikTok videos with music?

To star your videos, you just need to press and hold the red button on the screen. You can split the video into sections about 15 seconds long, then press the “+” button at the bottom and upload your videos from the album.

The next step is to combine audio with the video. You need to press the “Select sound” button at the top, then choose available soundtracks or  do a direct recording of your audio (usually you and/or your friends singing a song or something similar) and send it straight out onto the app unedited, raw. If you want to use the same audio as other videos on TikTok, you can click the music circle icon button in the bottom right corner. Then press the shutter button.

You can trim sounds, change the volume, choose new sounds or change filters. Then choose an attractive cover to get more likes. Once you have a unique 15-second clip, add the hashtag to the clip and upload it to TikTok.

5. How to get more followers on TikTok?

Follow 6 tips below and you will be surprised by the number of new followers you get:

Upload new videos daily
If you don’t post new content often, how will people find your TikTok videos? Although it is not necessary to post videos every day, you need to have a smart plan. It seems reasonable to post once a day or once a week. If you don’t post anything for a few months, you will lose followers on TikTok.

Use suitable background music for each video

Background music is incorporated into the TikTok videos to make the video more vivid. When you select music to apply in the video you have recorded, it needs to match together because the compatibility of audio and video content makes your videos more attractive.Top 6 common questions when using TikTok

Improve the quality of videos

For videos or images, it is important to invest in quality. You should use a high-quality camera or use a smartphone to record videos. Anyway, pay attention to the video quality which must be HD or higher. Do not create videos with poor quality. Because viewers will quickly exit from your video if the video quality and content is too bad.

Connect to other social networks

You can connect TikTok to connect to other social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, especially let your Facebook followers know you are using TikTok to pull followers from Facebook or Twitter to TikTok

Use trendy hastags on your post

Using hashtags in your posts is a good way for you to connect with different users. If you use related hashtags, your posts will be spread and reach more viewers than the number of followers you currently have or know about your accounts.

Pay attention on music

TikTok is built on music. The app gives you an entire library of songs at your fingertips, so why not use them in the process of creating your clips? You may like listening to the rock songs or classical music, but unfortunately, those types of songs are sometimes not available on Tik Tok. Moreover, some certain kinds of music are not suitable to come along with the funny videos on TikTok. Applying popular music will help your videos get more attention, as the result you will have more new followers.

6. Can I sell products on TikTok?

Before answering this common question, we think that you should know 3 important reasons why TikTok receive the trust from online seller:

  • You can create your own channel and upload videos related to what you sell. Videos will make stronger impression on consumers than normal images.
  • Moreover, you have an opportunity to work with influencers and spread your content to a larger number of audiences.
  • Besides, you can pay fees to advertise on TikTok

Clearly, TikTok with millions of users is a promising market for your selling career. The key to success in doing the TikTok marketing is to set appropriate and detailed goals. TikTok’s young influencers need to connect and interact their followers for a successful marketing. TikTok is an extremely effective advertising tool for online sellers.Top 6 common questions when using TikTok

It can be said that the TikTok application is increasingly affecting young generation and . With the above information, we hope to help you gain more knowledge about this social network: what TikTok is, how to download and use TikTok,…as well as how to increase millions of followers with Tik Tok in the shortest time. We wish you will have amazing experience and memorable time with TikTok! Don’t forget to vote 5 * for the article if you find it interesting and useful.


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