Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children

Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children

Animal 4D is an application that has been “feverish” in the online community in recent days, especially for parents who have small children. So,there is a great demand for download Animal 4D Cards to use. In this post below, we will give some useful information about Animal 4D and share with you top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children.

Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children
Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children
  1. Animal 4D App is an useful educational app for children

If you are parents or you like finding out about new modern technology, surely you know about Animal 4D. This app receives great attention of Facebook users in all ages.

Animal 4D is an application making 3D or 4D images of animal thanks to Augmented Reality (AR) Technology. It is designed and released by Octagon Studio- the reputable company of children’ education. So, the educational experience brought by Animal 4D App is so exciting.Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children

It is not wrong to say that Animal 4D is one of the best educational applications for children now. Only by a smartphone, some cards and Animal 4D App, children can experience and see the wide and interesting animal world. The world opening in front of children’s eye not only has lively 4D images of animal but also contains various sounds. The sound can be the animal’ cries such as the dog’s bark “woof- woof”, the cat’s cry “meow meow”,… or the typical sounds of living habitat of animal like the water running when the animals appearing in the screen are underwater creatures; the rustling leaves when the animals are insects living on tree branches. The great combination between lively 4D images and sound will help children have intuitive view about animals and play with amazing 4D images of Animal at the same time.

  1. How to install Animal 4D App?

Animal 4D can run in both Android and IOS operating system. This app allows the users to make 4D Images from the Animal 4D Cards. So, the first thing you need to do if you want to make Animal 4D Images is install Animal 4D App on your smartphone. Here are how to install:

Step 1:

– If you use IOS phone, open App Store and type the keyword “Animal 4D” on the search item.

– If you use Android phone, open Play Store and type keyword “Animal 4D” on the search.

Step 2: After typing the keyword on the search item, you can find Animal 4D App. Select “Install” on Play Store and “Get it” on App Store to download Animal 4D App to your phone. Wait for the result.

Step 3:  After completing the application download process, open Animal 4D App and carry out all the demands of the app:

– Allows it to use Camera/ Record, because you want to use the application, you need to scan the image.

– Click on “Ok” to agree to the terms of the application.

Wait for Animal 4D application loading and start using.

Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children
Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children
  1. The easiest usage directions to make Animal 4D Images

After downloading Animal 4D App, you want try this interesting app at once. But slow down, you should take a moment and read the usage direction we share below. It will make your experience become more perfect.

In fact, there are 2 ways to make 4D Images by Animal 4D App”

a. Use 1 Smartphone and Flash card set

A Smartphone installed Animal 4D App is surely compulsory in this way. Next you need to buy the photo card set of Animal 4D application with a price of over 15$. Or you can download top 200 Animal 4D Cards we share below and print out the paper to get ready for use.

However, to use Animal 4D App in the most effective way, you should buy the Animal 4D photo card set on the official website of Octagon or Amazon sales page.

When your cards and app are ready, the next thing you need to do is extremely simple. Open your Animal 4D app. Use the app’s camera and scan on cards. Then pictures of animals, trees, flowers … on the photo card will be displayed in vivid 4D form on your Smartphone screen. The 4D images appearing on the phone screen are mostly as lively as the animal in the real world, therefore, don’t be so surprised when seeing them!!

b. Use 2 smartphones

By using 2 smartphones, parents and children can use Animal 4D apps without buying a flash card set. You can use 2 smartphones of the same type or different type. After downloading and installing Animal 4D application in both smartphones, it’s time to use and experience Animal 4D App.

At the first Smartphone, you download 4D cards and use this smartphone to display 4D cards. And the second Smartphone will be used to open the application. And use the app’s camera of one smartphone to scan the cards on the other Smartphone.

When the cards are scanned by the app’s camera, the 4D images of animal, flowers, fruits will appear in the screen as lively as in the real world immediately. We are sure that all children when seeing Animal 4D Images will feel excited, laugh out loud and play all day without boredom.

** Some way to “make differences” with your Animal 4D App

– To make Animal 4D more interesting for children, you can put the food card next to the animal card and scan at the same time. Then, the 4D animal model will eat the food in the food card.

– When you put some cards side by side and scan them at the same time, a mini zoo will appear on your phone screen! It is very worth trying with children.

  1. Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Card

So as to support parents in finding and downloading free Animal 4D Cards that are suitable for their children, we select and make a collection of top 500 most interesting free Animal 4D Card. Parents can rely on ages to choose the most suitable Animal 4D Card for children to play. What are parents waiting for without downloading these exciting Animal 4D Cards to smartphones right now?

Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children

Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for childrenTop 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for childrenTop 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for childrenTop 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for childrenTop 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for childrenTop 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for childrenTop 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards for children

  1. What do parents say about Animal 4D App?

Many parents have tried Animal 4D App and played this app with their children. The common feeling of them about this app is very satisfied. A mother of two small sons after having experience with Animal 4D App said that although Animal 4D App was a free application but the benefits it brought to her sons were incredible. Her sons were so excited with this app and sometimes they shared with her the knowledge about animal world they learned from Animal 4D App. She was happy because her sons had a chance to learn while playing with the 4D Animal.

With the same opinion, another user says “I am busy at earning money. In summer holiday, I don’t have time to play with my children while my children also feel bored at staying at home all time. Animal 4D App appears and makes my children smile happily. I am also assured when my children use Animal 4D. Why I don’t find this app earlier! Haha!”

From some comments of parents about Animal 4D App, you can see that this app gain great faith from parents. So, let’s hold up your phone and download Animal 4D App! This app will not let you down!

In this post, we have given to you Top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards and some useful about Animal 4D App. Now, you have one more useful educational application to choose when you want to discover the animal world. We hope that top 500 most interesting Animal 4D Cards we shared can become helpful tools for your experience with Animal 4D App.

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