Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school

Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school

Technology has presented in every aspect of our modern life, education is not an exception. There are more and more educational applications designed to support students in learning. Among many applications for students, Animal 4D App is an extremely useful one which has received a lot of compliments and good reviews from not only the specialized experts but teachers also. This app is considered to be worth trying for students. And in this post, let’s find out Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school.

Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school
Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school

1. Animal 4D helps students to have an intuitive view about animals

Animal 4D can be interpreted as application of Augmented Reality Technology. In other words, Animal 4D is an application designed to support the visualization of AR virtual reality technology on both IOS and Android operating systems.

Every 4D animal image appearing on the smartphone’s screen is accompanied by the sound of animal in reality and the typical sound of animal’s living habitats. For example, the living habitat of the frog is water; therefore, 4D image of fish will be combined with not only fish’s cry but also the sound of streaming water. So, students are likely to feel as though the real animals were standing in front of their eyes. Animal 4D provides students with exciting app to familiarize themselves to animals when they don’t have a chance to see real animals at school. They will know exactly how tigers roar, whales swimming in the water will make what sounds…Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school

 2. Animal 4D provides knowledge about animals

Not only does this app have lively images but also gives the helpful information for students to improve their knowledge about animal life, feature…The animal knowledge in Animal 4D App is necessary and supports very well for some school subjects of students. Thanks to 4D Images of animal, students can observe the animal and learn Biology easily. Additionally, knowledge students get when they are playing with exciting Animal 4D App will be remembered longer because images will extend time of the information in brain’s memory.Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school

Furthermore, using Animal 4D App is an excellent chance for student to improve their English. Information about animal which is written in English contains a good deal of animal vocabulary. Children learn and remember these new words in an active way. These wonderful benefits partly explain why students should use Animal 4D App.

3. Animal 4D App is a useful tool to entertain after stressful lessons

With Animal 4D App, students have one more interesting app to entertain in their break time. 4D images in the phone screen will take students to the animal expedition in distant land. For example, they can fly to Africa with cute giraffes or fierce lions. The animal with full of characteristics from cute, lovely,… to ferocious and scary will bring students funny, exciting and satisfied experience that they have never tried before.

After the stressful lessons, student’s mind are free to fly to other places around the world with the images of different Animal 4D . All students need to do while using Animal 4d App is relax, smile and watch the actions of animal in the screen and share their new experience with their classmates. What is more wonderful than Animal 4D App experience? Students will ring excitedly, laugh out loud when they can play with animal; touch, spin, zoom in/out them. It is no doubt that Animal 4D App will help students to reduce stress at school.Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school

Animal 4D App can stimulate brain action, especially with children’s brain. The same thing also happen to students’ brains when they play with Animal 4D App. It is no doubt about this thing because according to recent research, playing with simple game will have positive effects on the flexibility of the brain.

Note: Some more interesting ways for students to entertain with Animal 4D App:

  • To make Animal 4D more interesting, students can put the food card next to the animal card and scan at the same time. Then, the 4D animal model will eat the food in the food card. There are some cards combines between food card and animal card which will allow students to do this interesting way more easily.Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at schoolTop 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at schoolTop 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App at school
  • Scan multiple animal cards at once. Many 4D images of animal will be made in the screen. Students will feel as if you had a ticket to visit a zoo!

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4. Animal 4D contributes much to connect teachers and students

When using Animal 4D App in class, there is a wonderful advantage that this app will contributes to connect teachers and students.

Animal 4D App creates excitement about the lesson for students. As we notes, some lessons like Biology lesson, Art lesson… will become more interesting. So students will be more enthusiastic and attentive in the class period. From that, the effectiveness of the lesson is surely improved.

Moreover, through Animal 4D App, teacher has a great opportunity to understand and become a friend of students. They together discover the new and strange animal world, discuss with each other about amazing 4D animals. In the lesson with Animal 4D App, students can give questions about animal to teacher. And teachers can rely on their practical experience with real animals and the 4D animal appearing on the screen to share and answer for students. So students and teachers really become companions in the process of learning animals. The class atmosphere is also very pleasant and fun!

That is great when every school day is a fun day for students!

5. Animal 4D is safe and convenient when using for students

Many schools do not allow students to use smart phones in class because teachers have worried that students will abuse smart phones with Internet connection and do the things that violate school rules. But with Animal 4D App, teachers don’t need to worry like that because Animal 4D runs without Internet connection. So, students will not be impacted by attractive and harmful contents in the Internet. They completely pay their attention to lively lessons. Besides, student’s health also avoids bad affect from Wifi, 3G, 4G (The things need when you want to connect to the Internet).

In addition, Animal 4D App doesn’t need Internet connection also brings the convenience to students. They can use this app to learn and play everywhere at school. The library, the school yard, the school garden… will become ideal places for students to play with Animal 4D App.

From the beginning to the end of this post, we have listed Top 5 reasons why students should use Animal 4D App. This app is a perfect combination between a game and an educational app for students. Students can not only entertain with lively animal but widen their knowledge about animal world also. Furthermore, Animal 4D App is worth a try for everyone. Only by a smartphone the amazing animal world is open and ready for the discoverers.

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