Top 5 most popular US – UK songs in TIK TOK

In the recent years, many young people join in the trend of making short videos and then sharing them on social networks. This trend become very popular in many different countries. And you want to know what app helping young people to create and share the funny short videos is, right? The answer is “Tik Tok” app.

TikTok is one of the most popular mobile phone video recording applications with a huge number of downloads all over the world. In Tik Tok, there are many songs from US-UK making users, especially young people addicted. In this post, we will jointly find out Top 5 most popular US-UK songs in Tik Tok.

Top 5 most popular US - UK songs in TIK TOK
Top 5 most popular US – UK songs in TIK TOK

What is TikTok?

Tik Tok is considered as a social network that people can use to share short clips with funny music. This application has been becoming popular with young people. The content of many videos posted by them on Tik Tok is highly viral, is often received a lot of like from Tik Tok users . Thanks to this interesting application, there are many good songs which is known and widely shared so they can reach out to the wider audiences of music.

Besides, videos made from TikTok can also be reposted on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.Top 5 most popular US - UK songs in TIK TOK

Top 5 most popular US – UK songs in TIK TOK

In this part of our post, we will introduce top 10 most popular US-UK songs in Tik Tok. These songs can make you addicted from the first note.

That girls- Olly Murs

A singer performing the song “That Girl” – Olly Murs is a singer, the host becoming famous after winning the sixth runner-up award of X-Factor. From the day Olly Murs debuted, he has also achieved many outstanding achievements and quite a number of UK music awards.

With soft, easy-to-understand lyrics, That Girl is a guy’s narrative when he loses the girl he loves much because of his heartlessness and refusals. Whether you haven’t loved or have been in love, surely you all have sympathy with the smooth, inspirational voice of the runner X Factor England season 6. If you meet someone who has just fallen in love, the replay button will be pressed many times.

This song also is very famous in Tik Tok. That girls can be simply a background song for their Tik Tok videos or people are likely to use it to show their emotion.Top 5 most popular US - UK songs in TIK TOK

Reality- Lost Frequencies ft Janieck Devy

Reality is a combined product between Lost Frequencies and Janieck Devy. This song belongs to EDM electronic music with extremely attractive and and vibrant rhythms making listeners immerse in the emotions that this song brings. It is the success of Reality that spread the name of Lost Frequencies all over the world.Top 5 most popular US - UK songs in TIK TOK

Thanks to catchy melody and emotional lyrics, Reality is widely shared in the public community of music lovers and young people in general. Moreover, the heat of the song has further confirmed and maintained when a series of covers, lyrics in many languages, video lyric, … constantly came out and marked with many impressive numbers.

Pump it up- Danzel

The song has suddenly became popular again in these recent days because the lyrics “Don’t you know, pump it up, Don’t you know, pump it up …” are used a lot on the Tik Tok app.

“Pump It Up” is the name of a song by Danzel, a Belgian singer debuted in 2004. This song is the 2nd single in the album “The Name of the Jam” and achieved great success in European countries: English, French, Austrian, Swiss, Danish, Belgian, Irish, German and Italian. This song also gained certain success in the US market.

The remixed version of this song has attracted a lot of views on Youtube and became an addictive song on Tik Tok.Top 5 most popular US - UK songs in TIK TOK

Something just like this- The Chainsmokers ft Cold Play

“Something Just Like This” is a song by American producers- The Chainsmokers and British band -Coldplay released in The Chainsmokers’ debut studio album “Memories … Do Not Open”. After being released, “Something Just Like This” received positive response from music critics, in which they appreciated Martin’s catchy melody, voice quality as well as production process. In addition, the song also received many awards and nominations at major awards ceremonies such as Billboard music Award for Top Dance/ Electronic song,…

Basically, “Something just like this” has an extremely addictive melody that is suitable for young people all over the world to enjoy and relax. In general, the affection from Tik Tok users make this song become a phenomenon with the number of covers tending to increase.

Faded- Alan Walker

The song possesses an obsessive song “Where are you now – I’m faded” became the trend during the song’s debut. The repetition of this statement is considered to have been intentional by the author. Plus the melody with the EDM vibe has created an impression as well but a charm for listeners. “Extremely catchy” is probably the most mentioned phrase in this case.

Faded lyrics describe the search of love, friendship, … in a hopeless way. Although someone search everywhere, they can not find the person they want to find. In the end, there is still no answer to the question “Where are you now?”

Faded’s success is not only reflected in the numbers like downloads, the number of views on youtube, the high position in the music charts, …but is Alan Walker’s personal signature, help him assert his ego in music, as well as expand the way in the music industry later.

This song has also spreaded strongly  and has gained a lot of interest on Tik Tok. It can be said that “Faded” is one of the most popular US-UK songs in Tik Tok.

How to download and install Tik Tok on Smartphone and Computer?

Download Tik Tok on smartphone

Way 1:

– If using iOS phone, open the App Store and search “Tik Tok”.

– If using Android phone, open Play Store and search “Tik Tok”.

Way 2: You can click on these following link and download Tik Tok

Link for phones using IOS operating system:

Link for phones using Android operating system:

Currently, the application installation is completely free on both Android and IOS operating systems.

After finding Tik Tok, click on “Install” on Android and “Get it” on IOS and wait for minutes. It takes some minutes to install Tik Tok on your phones.Top 5 most popular US - UK songs in TIK TOK

Download Tik Tok on computer

To download Tik Tok on your computer, you must install NoxPlayer emulator or other emulator software. If your computer does not have NoxPlayer, you can download it in this address:

Step 1: You open NoxPlayer or the emulation software you install and select CH Play.

Step 2: Type in the search term “Tik Tok” and press Enter to find the application.

Step 3: Click on the Tik Tok application and select “Install” to install for the computer. Finally, wait for the application to be downloaded and opened.

Above are Top 5 most popular songs in Tik Tok that is “loved” by young people. We hope that this post will help you update your information about the music store of Tik Tok App. Listen the songs we suggested and you will have the wonderful time!

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