Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

Joining in TikTok hot trends is a good way for you to connect with different users and have more followers. In many cases, videos about the hot trends will help your posts be spread and reach more viewers than the number of followers you currently have or know about your accounts. But to create videos like that, you must know what trends are popular on TikTok. We’ve got the answer to your question in the post “Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019″ below.

Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019
Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

What is TikTok?

TikTok is the international version of Douyin, a popular short-form video application originated in China. When using this app, users can upload short, quirky videos of themselves to the app and share them with followers. ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns both apps, acquired US short-video app in 2017 and merged it with TikTok in August.

TikTok, on the surface, doesn’t look so different from the litany of other video-centric social media apps that came before it, like Snapchat, Vine, or Dubsmash. But thanks to easy way to use as well as a sophisticated array of sound and visual effects, TikTok surpasses many similar apps to become one of most popular apps all over the world.

In early March 2019, the short video application TikTok has reached one billion global installments on both iOS and Android platforms. This mobile application has also become a hot trend in regions such as North America, Europe, India and Southeast Asia.

Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

Bottle Cap Challenge

Bottle cap challenge is currently a trend  “ sweeping ” on social network TikTok recently. After being carried out by a series of celebrities, the trend of ‘bottle cap kicking’ became a craze among young people. On TikTok, you can easy to meet videos about this hot trend.

Specially, participants are forced to keep the water bottle from falling or deforming during the process. The result will be recorded in video combined with a slow-motion effect to be able to record the slightest movement of the kick on the bottle cap.

You are wondering about the origin of “Bottle Cap Challenge”, right? It is known that this fever officially started and became popular through the video of Farabi Davletchin- a Taekwondo boxer. The Kazakhstani coach is famous with the decisive attack that can cause the bottle cap to spin many times in a short time. After posting the video on social networks, he also attached a hashtag #Farakickschallenge.Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

In particular, many famous people from the football players to the singers  are not outside the influence of this trend. On TikTok, Bottle Cap Challenges has also attracted a large number of users to participate. Videos kicking the bottle cap often receive the excitement and positive reaction from a big user community of TikTok.

So, if you want to make strong impression on other TikTok users, why not join in this challenge?Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

Fake Plane Challenge

You don’t have enough money to go travelling by plane. Do not worry! On TikTok in the recent days, users have an extremely unique challenge “Fake Plane Challenge”. Thanks to this trend, we can now add these photos to the long list of lies we should not believe on social media.

The trending hashtag #faketravel prompts TikTok users to show “how you’re “traveling” around the world, right from the comfort of your own home”. So far it’s clocked up 14.4 million views- One of the numbers is not little at all.

To carry out this trend, you only need some simple things and the creativity. An everyday object with an oval-ish hole, positioned in front of a phone/tv/photo/the sky to create the background will help you to create videos as if you are sitting in the plane.

See this following pictures to know the magic of life:

Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019
How do you feel when flying upon the clouds?
Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019
It’s time to take off!
Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019
Sometimes money is not as great as creativity.
Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019
Never completely trust what you see in social network.
Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019
OK. I’m fine
Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019
Toilet seats is also a useful tool.

Haribo Chalenge

This challenge relates to “Haribo Goldenbears”- a kind of sweet as its name implies. In this task, you must Arrange hundreds of gummy bears as a crowd while Adele’s “Someone Like You” plays in the background.

The starting point of the Haribo challenge is a video posted on TikTok by David Kasprak. The video use the  audio of Adele singing “Someone Like You” live. After her first line of the song her mic cuts out and the audience sings back the next line of the hit. “Never mind, I’ll find—” Adele sings. The audience responds “someone like youuuuu” in unison. And this sound is illustrated by the images of many gummy bears. It is funny and interesting!Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

Since then, other TikTok users have joined in Haribo Challeges: spreading gummy bears all over their house, recording the videos and posting it on TikTok.

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How to make funny music videos on TikTok?

PUBG Finger Challenge

PUBG Finger Dance is one of the trends that are currently very popular on TikTok. It is really an interesting challenge. Finger Dance (also known as Finger Tempo) is not a difficult task that requires investment or special skills. All you need is your hands and a little extra patience in order to be always ready to record the clips again if they don’t fit the music. To have the best video, TikTok players must grasp music in an extremely accurate way and definitive, rhythmic movements.Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

According to the background of the beat, you must coordinate your fingers so that they are rhythmic, firmly interlocked at the correct pattern. The movements at first look may seem a bit distracting, but if you study carefully before recording, you’ll find it normal and easy. Especially, this super product “dancing fingers” after finishing is wonderful too.

The PUBG finger challenge plays on ” Challenge” music. The PUBG Finger Challenge music is also very exciting. This trend is quite suitable for young people who love cool style!Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

Don’t judge Challenge

Surely, with the TikTok users as well as the users of other social network, “Don’t judge Challenge” is not so strange. The challenge started in the West still retains its charm although it is not a new hot trend. When participating in this trend, the girls/ boys who are ugly suddenly become beautiful in front of the camera. Now, not just simply covering camera, hot girls now pretend to “eat” or “bang their faces” on cosmetics to transform.Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

The complete difference between before and after changes of TikTok users in just 15 seconds makes many people surprised and excited. Not only are they more beautiful, more groomed but they also pose charmingly in front of the camera.

Besides, many young people are very creative in making some new ways to play this trend: transforming but still not becoming beautiful or changing from beauty to bad humor.

This trend has quickly attracted the participation of many TikTok users. On TikTok, a series of videos “Don’t judge Challenge” are posted, attracting millions of views.Top 5 most popular TikTok trends 2019

Thus, we has explained in detail what the Tik Tok application is and has given you all the information surrounding the hottest trends on TikTok today. If you have not yet joined this interesting community, do not hesitate to download this amazing software and start becoming a trend catcher! We hope that you will have unforgettable and wonderful time with TikTok!

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