Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

With the strong development of technology, social networks nowadays always try to combine image, video and music to bring the most satisfied experience for users. In the recent years, TikTok has emerged as one of the most outstanding applications in this field. Using TikTok, you will be immersed in the world of various and interesting sounds, videos as well as images.

When referring to TikTok application, we can not forget to take notice of its music collection. TikTok is a social network incorporated with music. A lot of songs become hot trends when appearing in this app. So, our post today honors and applauds top 30 hottest and most trendy songs that made the TikTok community click like, share and create in 2020.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

1. Any song- ZICO

Any song is a Korea song from ZICO- a famous singer in this Asia. It has fastly become a trend in TikTok community along with a viral challenge called “Any song Challenge”. On TikTok, videos involved in Anysong Challenge has over 176.5 million views. The easy and lovely dancing movement with a beautiful melody keeps a huge attraction to this song and trend.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

2. Baby Shark- Pinkfong

Do not think that a kid song can not make a bang to the public. “Baby Shark” has changed the views of many TikTok users. Not only children but adults also feel excited and crazy with this song. At the moment, it ranked 65th, only under the singles of famous singers like Ed Sheeran and Nicki Minaj. Noone on TikTok can miss out Baby Shark Dance Challenge. And it is a pity if you do not get involved in this viral challenge on TikTok.

Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

3. “Learn to meow meow”

There is no doubt about the attraction of “Learn to meow meow” on TikTok. It is a young musical song written with lovely, youthful lyrics that tell the pure and happy love story of a couple who are always together. In “Learn to meow meow” , the girl is like a small cat, always wanting to be caressed and pampered by the lover and the boy is also subdued by her tenderness. TikTok user, especially girls are very keen on using this song on their videos.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

4. Dance Monkey- Tones and I

Hot hit “Dance Monkey” from Tones and I has not yet show the sign of “cooling off” after some months released. On TikTok, Dance Monkey make a big trend along with a viral dance challenge. If you are wondering which songs to choose for your TikTok videos, Dance Monkey is never a bad choice.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

4. 1 2 3 I Love You

“1 2 3 I love you” is a sweet, romantic Chinese song about love. This song has many versions performed by many singers. “1 2 3 I Love You” become popular everywhere after being updated by TikTok in the music collection of this app. The song has attracted thousands of views and downloads. Thank to TikTok, “1 2 3 I love you” is considered as the national song of thousands of TikTok users. If you want to make cute TikTok video, this song will help you much.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

5. Pump It Up- Danzel

Pump It Up is an unique and special case in musical market. The song suddenly become popular again because the lyrics “Don’t you know, pump it up, Don’t you know, pump it up …” are used a lot on the Tik Tok app. Noone can explain clearly the upstream in chart of “Pump It Up”.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

“Pump It Up” is the name of a song by Danzel, a Belgian singer debuted in 2004. This is located in 2nd single in the album “The Name of the Jam” and achieved great success in European countries: English, French, Austrian, Swiss, Danish, Belgian, Irish, German and Italian. This song also gained certain success in the US market. Now, “Pump It Up” is remixed, attracts much attention and becomes an addictive song on TikTok.

6. That girl- Olly Murs

Released “That Girl” in 2016, Olly Murs did not gain much success in the digital music and not receive the attention of the audience. But everything changes when his song is used by the TikTok user as the background music for the clip over 15 seconds.

That “That Girl” was used in the featured video on TikTok  created a lever to bring the song to the hottest position. From that, many users also began searching and listening to the song that makes That Girl hot again in spite of debuting two years ago.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

7. Way back home- Shaun

” Way back Home ” officially launched on June 27, 2018. It has meaningful lyrics talking about the feelings of the boy who always misses his lover and wants his lover to come back. So, many listeners feel touched when listening this song. Combining the EDM trend with addictive tunes, lyrics, and the sweet voice of Shaune, Way Back Home has conquered millions of audiences. Way Back Home is especially suitable for a little bit sad Tik Tok videos.

8. Reality- Lost Frequencies ft Janieck Devy

Reality is a combined product between Lost Frequencies and Janieck Devy. This song belongs to EDM electronic music with extremely attractive and and vibrant rhythms making listeners immerse in the emotions that this song brings. It is the success of Reality that spread the name of Lost Frequencies all over the world. Thanks to catchy melody and emotional lyrics, Reality is widely shared in the public community of music lovers and young people in general.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

9. bad guy- Billie Eilish

Songs from Billie Eilish is always popular on TikTok social network. And “bad guy” is not an exception. The lyrical content of “Bad Guy” is exactly the plus point of this song. Billie Eilish scoffed at his lover as a bad guy. When the song progressed, she considered herself tougher than him. In one chorus, the singer says clearly about her relationship with men and women so they should not expect anything from her.Top 30 TikTok hot songs need to try now

“I’m that bad type
Make your mama sad type
Make your girlfriend mad tight
Might seduce your dad type
I’m the bad guy, duh”. You will replay it many times after one try and it is also the reason why many TikTok users addict to “bad guy”

10. Heart Me Now- Alok, Bruno Martini feat. Zeeba

11. Bikini Body- Dawin ft R.City

12. Walking in the sun- Jackson covered

13. Faded- Alan Walker

14. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love- Usher ft. Pitbull

15. Crazy Kid- Ke$ha

16. Wannable- Why Mona

17. Loves Me Not- T.A.T.U

18. Keep counting

19. Don’t let me down- The Chainsmokers ft Daya

20. everything i wanted- Billie Eilish

21. Señorita- Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello

22. . Not Just Like- Feng Timo

23. Horizon- Janji

24. Freaks- Timmy Trumpet, Svage

25. End of the night- Danny Alvia

26. Samurai TikTok- DEAF KEV

27. I Believe 2016- Starplash

28. No Promises- Cheat Codes ft Demi Lovato

29. Lost Control- Tyron Hapi, Picana

30. Time- MKJ

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TikTok content is extremely busy and constantly changing. So, it can be overwhelming having to keep up with the hot song to combine with your videos on this platform. But you do not have to worry when you’ve got our post. Using your TikTok experience, we list Top 30 TikTok hot songs you need to try now. These songs have made massive trends among TikTok users. Try them on your videos and you will see a surprising effect!

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