Tik Tok – best app for whom like Music, Dancing and Editing videos

Nowadays, social network is becoming more and more developed. Many popular apps is  strongly interested such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter,…

Especially, if you are a person who like music, recording and editing videos,  Tik Tok is an amazing app you can not ignore. This app will help you to make interesting and creative videos. What else more attractive than when you can share those videos to your friends and family?


Do you know anything about Tik Tok app? If you don’t, let me show you.

What is Tik Tok? 

Tik Tok is an Android and IOS media app for creating and sharing videos. This China app was come out in September 2016 by Zhang Yi Ming. After 3 years, Tik  Tok hit one billion downloads globally, becoming the top of all the other free apps. Because of its large popularity and social influence, Tik Tok soon starts many trends oversea.

Even dancing, singing or perfoming talents, users are encouraged to let their imagination run wild and show their personalities. Tik Tok has a huge music library and many lively and various effects for users to choose. Not only that, there are many cute stickers and emotions in Tik Tok app.

For example, we can add the currently famous song “Old Town Road” to ours video to make it more vivid and atractive.

Who is primarily using Tik Tok app?

Up to this day, there is rare mobile app attracting such various user objects like Tik Tok. You can easily watched many featured videos in social network from many girls/boys in theirs teen.

Speaking generally, in Tik Tok,  there is no limit for people to create their imagination regardless of your age or your sex.

Why does Tik Tok become the hottest app nowadays?

Tik Tok become succeed thanks to many reasons. According to KrAsia media company, Tik Tok get achivements because of the localization marketing and content campain. For example, in Thailand, Tik Tok released many festival stickers exclusively for the festival in Thailand. This campain attract more than 40.000 downloads in three weeks going on.

Moreover, Tik Tok also co-operate with famous people who have more than 100.000 followers/fans. These people have huge influences on the young currently.

Many Chinese stars uses Tik Tok such as: Angela Baby, Huang Xiaoming, Yang Yang, Jackson (GOT 7),…
Many K-Pop stars also use Tik Tok app

Whatever it is, we can’t deny the creation and the attraction of Tik Tok app. Tik Tok has many elements that there are many apps don’t have. Many trend  started by Tik Tok such as “Halu Halu” (Put your chin on my hand), “Tchu Tcha Tcha”, “Beautyguru”, … largely influnced internation.

Not only that, Tik Tok also has many various versions for different nations.  In each nation, Tik Tok makes a difference to suitable for them. For example, there are many K-Pop videos to attract Korea market.
Look at these reasons, it isn’t wrong when saying Tik Tok is global phenomenon.

How to use Tik Tok?

You are confused about not knowing to use Tik Tok app? Don’t worry, these steps below will help you to use Tik Tok app more easier.

Step 1: Download
At first, if we want to experience Tik Tok, we have to download this app. We can download it in App Store  or Google Play. This app is available for both IOS and Android operating system.

Having downloaded successfully, we have to operate Tik Tok app to access to its main display.

Step 2: Log in or sign up

Then, we press the bottom right corner icon to log in or sign up. There are 2 ways to sign up Tik Tok account:

  1.  Create new account by your phone number or email
  2.  Log in by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google account
    So we have already had a Tik Tok account after creating password.

Some tips help you use Tik Tok app easier: 

In main display, there are 2 other display: Following and For you.

  • Following will show videos only from the account you follow
  • For you will help you find more popular video all over the world
  1. You can swipe up to watch next videos, swipe down to watch the previous videos.
  2. Tap on the video to pause it and tap on it again to resume.
  3. Press the profile icon on the right to follow the video poster. Swipe left on video to see the poster’s profile.
  4. Press the heart icon to like the videos.
  5. Press the speech bubble to see others’s comment and comment yourself.
  6. Press the Share icon on the right-hand side to share the video you are watching.
  7. Press the playing record icon on the bottom-right corner to see other videos with the same sound.

Step 3: Set up your personal profile

Tips: You should choose a short catchy name so that the other people can easily find your account. Besides, you should set your profile picture and access to Instagram or Youtube to share videos easily.

Step 4: Let’s record videos! 

In the main display, press “plus” icon in the middle bottom of screen. We have to press “Agree” to allow Tik Tok to use Camera in the device.

If you want to make your videos more creative, you can also put “countdown” in the right to timer on 3 seconds. Not only that, you can set your video slowlier or faster by press “clock” icon. More amazing, the “magic wand” icon will blend your skin. Moreover,  in the bottom-left there is a button which contains filter and effect  with hundreds cute stickers.

Step 5: Add sound to your video

Press “Select sound” and then scroll down to see popular songs. Tap a song to hear a preview. You can choose any song you like.

Next, you just have to press “shoot with this sound” to record your videos with the sound you like. Press and hold red button in the screen to record.

After that, press the pink check mail to preview and  edit page. You can watch video here before post it.

Then, press “Next” on the bottom right corner icon to confirm your video’s  last version and allow you to post it on your profile.

Step 6: Post and share it to your friends.

Finally, just press “Post” pink button to post your video. Don’t forget to add caption, hashtag or friends mention to your videos. That will make your video more noticed.


Tips: You should follow other popular videos getting a lot of views, take part in many challenges or record your videos with your friends for more fun and  to learn tips to make your videos more interesting.

You’ve already known about Tik Tok, so what are you waiting for? Let’s record and edit your memories  by Tik Tok and share it with your friends now.

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