Phenomenon Tik Tok and the journey to become the most popular app in the world

Dominating the global technology is one thing that Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu or JD doesn’t yet reach to. These huge China company is not on par with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify and Amazon in term of global aspect. However, Tik Tok is a China mobile app which is downloaded the most in 2018 on all IOS and Android devices in America and Europe.

Something about phenomenon Tik Tok

If you don’t know what is Tik Tok, Tik Tok is a social network allowing users to create short videos, edit it by music and special effects. Tik Tok has a huge music library and many lively and various effects for users to choose. Not only that, there are many cute stickers and emotions in Tik Tok app. After creating and edit, we can share those videos by account app to social network.
For instance , we can add “Something just like this” song to video we have created.  This doing make our video more interesting, funny and attractive.
So amazing it is when we can create video as well as add songs we like, right?

How successful is phenomenon “Tik Tok”?

Tik Tok is compared equally to Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube.  Even PewDiePie who has a lot of You Tube followers also talk about Tik Tok app in his daily videos.

This app get 150 millions people using daily, 500 millions using monthly in June 2018. It become the most-downloaded app in the world in the first quarter in 2018 with estimating 45,8 millions downloaders.
According to the data which is provided for CNBC by Sensor Tower- a top app platform analysis having headquaters in San Franciso, Tik Tok was downloaded more than 104 millions time in App store in the middle of 2018. It means Tik Tok surpassed YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to become the most-downloaded IOS app in the world at that time.
After 3 years, Tik  Tok hit one billion downloads globally, becoming the top of all the other free apps. Because of its large popularity and social influence, Tik Tok soon starts many trends oversea.

The truth behind Tik Tok’s success

To achieve this huge success, Tik Tok demonstrated its ability to social network. In fact, Tik Tok app has elements that other apps get nothing on it. These below reasons will answear why Tik Tok achieved a record.

Tik Tok is the most dowloaded app currently
  1. Free and Easy to use
    If you accidentally watch videos Tik Tok in YouTube or other social networks, you might think Tik Tok is very difficult to use. However, when you try downloading and using, you will see this is such an interesting and convenient app. You can easily and quickly create videos last 15 seconds to share with your friends and even all the world. In addition, Tik Tok let user create their own videos from abundant kind: dance, sing, lip-sync, perform your talent or basically record your moments. Users can freely imagine and show their talent. Furthermore, there are various effects, filters and cute stickers making you love this app right away. Until now, Tik Tok is still the best free app. It will absolutely bring you happy experience and help you to keep your memories.
  2. Build  various topic and start hot trends for users
    Tik Tok is creative when make many hashtag. You can see hashtag has an important role in this app. These  associative and organized hashtags make trend “wave” for users to join by positive challenges. Therefore, Tik Tok app can immediately receive millions followers, dowloaders. It make its users become their employees naturally and efficiently without costs too much money to PR its trademark.
    For instance, many trend was started by Tik Tok such as “Halu Halu” (Put your chin on my hand), “Tchu Tcha Tcha”, “Beautyguru”, … They attracted many teen, even the adults all over the world to take part in.

    Hot trend “Halu Halu” is derived from Tik Tok app

    Hot trend “Tchu Tcha Tcha” become famous internationally quickly
  3. Judicious strategy
    Tik Tok become succeed thanks to many reasons. According to KrAsia media company, Tik Tok get achivements because of the localization marketing and content campain.
    For example, in Thailand, Tik Tok released many festival stickers exclusively for the festival in Thailand. This campain attract more than 40.000 downloads in three weeks going on.
    Moreover, Tik Tok also co-operate with famous people who have more than 100.000 followers/fans. These people have huge influences on the young currently.
  4. Various versions which are suitable for each nation.
    In each nation, Tik Tok makes a difference to suitable for them and their culture. For example, there are many K-Pop videos to attract Korea market.

    Even many K-Pop idols like Korea girl group Black Pink is keen on Tik Tok

Journey to success of Tik Tok

Having hesitated whether continuing to develop short videos or not in 2014,  Zhang Yiming-ByteDance CEO and founder, the head of Tik Tok and his partners was persitent and finally succeed. 2 years after, in 2016, this young CEO realized he had to continue to promote the short videos trend, not only in China but also internation. This is a turning point leading to a series of decisions to acquisite big international companies.

Zhang Yiming- Bytedance Ceo and founder

Feburary,2017, Bytedance bought America app video Flipgram. In the same year, this company went on buy famous lypsync app Analysts supposed global Tik Tok‘s development, especially in America, was largely influenced by these margers and acquistions.  They helped Tik Tok to shorten time, reduce budget and difficulty when exploring new market and integrating a different culture.
One thing you don’t know that Tencent used to try to do like Tik Tok by trying to acquisite WhatsApp in the begin of 2014. However, this company was beaten to the punch by Facebook when offering a double-cost with implicit agreement, according to Bloomberg’s report.
There is no road of flowers leading to glory. Of couse, Tik Tok‘s success is not overnight success. Bytedance- company developes this app had gone through a long trial process also a lot of mistakes before it can overcome oversea market. Finally, all the efforts bring worthy success. Tik Tok‘s success taught us a lesson about the persistance and business lessons.

Tik Tok is so amazing, how can I use it?

These are step helping you use Tik  Tok easier:

Step 1: Download Tik Tok app
Step 2: Log in or Sign up Tik Tok account
Step 3:  Set up your personal profile
Step 4: Let’s record video
Step 5: Add sound to your video
Step 6: Done! Share your video and get like from other people

You can read the detail guidance how to use Tik Tok and more useful tips in here.

Hope you will have precious experience while using Tik Tok.

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