Lost Items in Adorable Home: Causes and Solutions

Adorable Home is more and more popular with its interesting contents and simple playing method. The game simulates the life of a young couple with lovely cats. Cute moments look like real life are the key to attract the attention of millions of people. However, nothing is perfect. There are also problems which make gamers crazy and missing furniture in the game is the biggest problem.

Suddenly furniture disappears.

Many players in Adorable Home recognize that their furniture has just suddenly fluttered. They get upset and know nothing happening with a big question that “Where the furniture I bought has gone”?

Some of them think that the Adorable Home visitors have stolen their belongings. Some others blame for Polly penguin because it has been found to move the air conditioner in the plunge at the time when no one was there. From that time, they think that Polly is the thief when all items disappear. However, it is not true that the things you bought were stolen by visitors or by Polly. So what is the exact cause?

Polly is blamed for the missing of furniture.

Actually, this is just a software bug that the game developers are trying to fix. Especially, this situation often takes place when gamers download the updated version of the game. And we will introduce to you how to get the lost items back as follows.

Solutions for lost items

If you find something lost or your cats disappear. There are 04 simple ways for you to get them back:

Check in section MINE

You push on House symbol, and then you can look in the Mine section and see if the furniture displayed in the house has jumped into here or not, if so, please pull it out again.

Exit from game and enter again

After checking Mine section and finding nothing there, you can exit from the game and enter again because many gamers shared that they have applied this way and all lost items come back.

Re-set up time zone on your mobile phone

Another tip that you can try is re-setting up the time zone in your mobile phone:

– If you are using Iphone: You change the available time zone to New York time zone, then exit from the game and enter again.

– If you are using a mobile phone with Android platform: You also change the time zone to another, exit from the game and enter again.

Re-arrange furniture

Due to the software bug, your item and cats are found missing. They may be hidden at somewhere. Therefore, you can try to re-arrange all furniture according the following steps:

Click on House symbol at the right corner; push on Mine section and click on Placed. When you see the question: “Do you want to put it away”? – Choose YES.

Then, enter into Lounge; the game is the same at the beginning time. It will take you some time but it may help you to find out the lost items.

Be calm to solve the problem. Lost items will come back.

Now, we think you understand the causes and solutions for the missing of furniture in the game. In addition, there are some other issued faced by you when playing the game; but I think Adorable Home is still an interesting game which is worth for you to download.

We hope that the tips in the article will help you be calm after being crazy with the problem of lost items. Please share with us if you find out other tips to get them back.

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