How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?

Launched in 2016, TikTok is still a hot trend today. This is not only a video social network leading in many humorous and creative trends, but TikTok is also famous for its large library of effects. TikTok has many useful effects that help you much on making videos. These effects bring TikTok video a unique and trendy look. In many times, TikTok effects are which the trends of making videos stem from.

In the recent weeks, have you ever heard about Raindrop Challenge? This challenge attracts a lot of viewers and participants on TikTok. To get rain screen on this app, you have to use Raindrop effect. So, in this post, we will guide you on How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video? Let’s have a look at!How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?


What is TikTok?

TikTok is the product of startup Douyin (of Bytedance). That TikTok reaches the top of the short-Form Video social network application with the most users in China in just 500 days comes as a shock with many people. However, it doesn’t seem too surprising with the manufacturer. We can see that they have researched and prepared carefully before releasing TikTok.

How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?

This social network makes money by selling advertising, taking certain percents of commission from users who receive gifts (which can be converted into money) and sign contracts with individuals and organizations who want to become ‘star/ influencer’ on the platform to have privileges of displaying and user accessing.

TikTok has quickly become a hot trend on China where a lot of young people use TikTok to record videos and post them on this social network. The novelty of TikTok attracts a large number of new users. As the result, after a short time, the popularity of TikTok is beyond China area: It is one of the most popular social network all over the world.

How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?

Moreover, TikTok gives users an opportunity to make videos along with their favourite songs, new effects that they will not be able to find in others apps. The plus point of TikTok is that it owns a huge collection of music from US-UK, K-Pop,… and especially trendy songs only available in TikTok. Users do not have any boring time while playing TikTok.

How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?

Step 1: Download TikTok to your devices

Download the Tik Tok app to your devices by using the download link :

For Android phone:

For iOS phone:

After the installation is complete, please allow the application to access your Micro and Photos.

Step 2:

Raindrop Effect only appears on the latest version of TikTok. So, if you forget to update your version, you should do it to use Raindrop Effect as well as other new TikTok effects. Then, open TikTok and click the plus icon in the middle of the screen to go to the video recording page.

Step 3:

It is easier for you to find Rain Drop effect if you go to Effect → Special. In here, you can search and download the sticker called Raindrop to display rain screen. After you select this effect, the TikTok system will load the effect as well as showing the rain screen on your phone.

Now, you can make TikTok videos with Rain Drop effect by yourself. The interesting thing of this effect is that you can use your hand shown on the camera to control the rain effect. How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?

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What you can post on TikTok?

In spite of the fact that TikTok only allows you to record short videos with the length from 15s-60s, there is no limitation for you to express your creativity. On contrary, time constraint contributes to making TikTok videos more creative, entertaining and concise.

You can post any kinds of video on TikTok. But the most popular video genre is video related to music. Even, you do not need to know how to sing or play an instrument, you just need to catch the trends and use the latest songs on TikTok to help your video spread quickly and largely. You can post anything you are interested in on TikTok, from funny to sad, entertaining to meaningful videos.

How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?

In addition, posting videos taking part in viral challenge is a perfect idea. As you know, viral challenges plays an important role in TikTok. It is a specific part of this application. Therefore, videos about TikTok challenge often receives praise and much attention from other users. Then, why don’t you film video with this topic? Furthermore, it’s necessary to know that TikTok viral challenges always change day by day so you should take notice to update the newest ones. At any given time, you can peruse at least five different challenges that are trending on the app.

If you click on “Discover” on the bottom menu bar of TikTok, you will find out many hot and popular videos among user community. You should know that TikTok devides several videos into different playlists. Some of popular playlists are gaming, art, comedy, dance, gymnastics, cars, beauty, memes, etc. This arrangement from TikTok makes it easy for users to find their favourite videos.

Who should use TikTok?

Generation Z are estimated to account for about 60 percent of the consumer market in 2020. TikTok is becoming one of the top social network for the generation-Z.

How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video?

There is no doubt that TikTok is a popular app among young people. But it doesn’t mean that people at older ages rarely use TikTok. According to our research, TikTok is also attractive with 7x, 8x,.. people. Thanks to the development of Internet and technology, our parents or even grandparents have more opportunities to use a interesting means of entertainment like TikTok. A 35 year-old mother share: “I used TikTok the first time after the introduction of a friend. Videos on TikTok are extremely interesting while music is beautiful and amazing. I feel as if I was a few years younger (Laugh). My work is stressful so using TikTok help me relax and recharge energy.”

Besides, businesses and retailers should also join the TikTok community. TikTok is expected to be a promising market now and in the near future. What’s more, there are a huge number of regularly active users on TikTok. Every day, Tik Tok attracts more than 500 million users worldwide and a number of views, so advertising and selling on TikTok is a best way for you to reach potential customers in the shortest time.


Our article today is a detailed guide on How to add Raindrop Effect to your TikTok video. When you know how to do so, you have one more tools to update the look of your TikTok video and express what you are feeling. TikTok is easy to use and film, right? Additionally, you are likely to make friends with people having the same interest through TikTok app. TikTok is successful in eliminating gaps and connecting people all over the world.

If you find something interesting, please leave comments to help us and other readers know. Finally, do not forget to vote 5 * for the article if you find it interesting and useful. Thank you very much!

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