How to add effects to TikTok videos?

You are music lover? You are always full of unique ideas? Or you have endless creativity? There is no doubt that TikTok is the suitable application for you. TikTok which is very popular in China and many countries in the world  is one of the platforms using AI technology to create short videos with music. TikTok has many useful effects that help you much on making videos. So, in this post, we will guide you on how to add effects to TikTok videos. Let’s start!

How to add effects to TikTok videos?

3 step to make TikTok video with music

Before adding effects to your TikTok video, you need to have an original video on this app. To do so, follow the instruction below:

Step 1:

Download the Tik Tok app to your devices by using the download link :

For Android phone:

For iOS phone:

After installation is complete, please allow the application to access your Micro and Photos.How to add effects to TikTok videos?

Step 2:

After the setup finish, click the plus sign in the middle of the screen, then you will go to the video interface. Next, it is important to select the music for your Tik Tok video by clicking “Pick a Sound”. We advice you to choose hot hits on TikTok at that time in order to attract other users.

Step 3:

To star your videos, you just need to press and hold the red button on the screen. You can split the video into sections about 15 seconds long, then press the “+” button at the bottom and upload your videos from the album.How to add effects to TikTok videos?


  • You can click the “countdown” button on the right to schedule a recording after 3 seconds. The countdown function also has the feature that help you select the piece of music you want to cut. You can set the video speed (slower, faster) by clicking the clock icon and choose from 0.1x to 3x.
  • In the main section, the icon “+” helps you make video clips. You can click record to record live or select a song, an effect for role-playing. You can also refer to similar role-playing clips of others.

How to add effects to TikTok videos?

When you finish recording TikTok videos as usual, tap “Effects”. You can see this button in the left corner of the screen. After that, you will see several effects in a menu at the bottom of your screen. Simply select the effects that you want to use as many as you like.

How to add effects to TikTok videos?

There are some extremely amazing effects that you can not miss out on TikTok:

1. “Reverse” effect

If you apply this effect on your videos, it will make the video look like everything is done backwards. “Reverse” effect is a perfect choice for people who want to create an unique and attractive video. In “Effect” option, tap “Time Effects”, look for “Reverse” and tap it. To keep the changes made, hit “Save” and your video is ready to roll.

2. “Slow motion”

Have you ever seen TikTok videos in which the action of things and people happens at a very slow speed? We are sure that mostly answers are “Yes”! On TikTok there is a useful effect called “Slow motion” helping users create video with different kinds of slow speed. It is quite easy to edit your TikTok video in slow motion to emphasize your video’s contents: Select the “Slow Motion” option located in “Time Effect” option, and then click the “Save” button at the upper right-hand corner of the interface to save your slow motion video.How to add effects to TikTok videos?

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Top 6 common question when using TikTok

How to make funny videos with music in TikTok?

Who TikTok is suitable for?

TikTok is an application that everyone can join in and share their lovely post. In fact, according to the producer, TikTok aims at people at young age. However, we can see that TikTok now is popular with peole in all age. Many parents start using TikTok after seeing cute videos of TikTok community from their children’ accounts.How to add effects to TikTok videos?

Especially, music lovers should sign in TikTok right now. TikTok provides users with a huge collection of song; therefore, you can easily find your favourite music. The different feature of TikTok among many social networks is its unique songs. You will not be able to find these songs on other apps. Using TikTok, music lovers can make cover videos by their own and share with other users. On TikTok, music videos will access to the larger number of audiences.

Besides, if you are interesting in pets, sports or other fields, do not hesitate to share your favorite through videos on TikTok. For example, when you are taking care of your pets and catch some cute moments of them; edit the video, maybe add some effects and post it on your accounts. By doing so, you are also likely to connect with users having the same hobby as well as increasing your followers.

4 attractive things of TikTok

Firstly, with TikTok, making a video seems very easy for everyone. This app provides users with a lot of tools that allow anyone having a smartphone and  interesting ideas to create a 15-second clip. The toolkit consists of an extensive library of background music and various image filters. TikTok also has a button to hold the phone, so users can record clips while answering calls.

Many videos on the application become the trend because of their creative and impressive performances. One of the most popular items that has received a lot of attraction the app is “trick”.

Secondly, TikTok often creates topic hashtags for millions of users to follow such as “Count on me” or “Duck turns swan” … Typically, “Seaweed dance” has influenced widely in China. This trend is assessed to be as popular as Psy’s Gangnam Style dance a few years ago.How to add effects to TikTok videos?

Moreover, many brands also create their own hashtags, invite users to create videos involving these hastags and compete to be a person who has the most popular clips. From there, they can immediately receive millions of new followers as well as making participants become their advertising staff naturally and effectively.

Finally, TikTok has specific versions for certain country that attracts more users from all over the world. One year after being launched in China, the English version of the app also began operating in many countries around the world. The number of Tik Tok users has increased rapidly. Now, this app is among the top downloaded applications on the App Store of Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea. Although there are many similarities with the original version in China, the features Tik Tok have been changed to suit the users of each market in the world.How to add effects to TikTok videos?

In conclusion, with anyone, TikTok is an app worth trying. This app not only brings you an useful tool to express your creativity but also is a means of entertainment after stress hours at school or at work. Using TikTok, you will be immersed in the space of music and unique images. With our instruction above, you know one more way to make your videos more engaging. We hope that you will have funny moments and unforgettable time with this app.

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