Download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphone

Animal 4D is an interesting application using Augmented Reality (Or we always know it as AR Technology) to reproduce the images of animals. Among many apps in the field of educating kids, Animal 4D is emerged as the top app teaching children about animal life. This app has been a hot topic in the social network recently and has received many good reviews from the users.

In order to support children and parents in discovery of Animal 4D App, this post will introduce briefly about this app as well as sharing a collection of 1001 FREE Animal 4D Cards for everyone to download.

Download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphone

4 special characteristics of Animal 4D App

Next, let’s jointly find out 4 special characteristics that makes Animal 4D App become one of the hottest topics in these days.


Animal 4D is capable of reproducing the animal images as lively as them in the real world. When using Animal 4D App, you will have a big surprise. The 4D images of animal appearing in your screen give you the feeling that they are living animals, not simulated images. For instance, snakes will crawl like a petite lady; kangaroo will hop as if they were in the immense grassland far away in Australia while lions will walk with deliberate steps showing the power of the jungle king in your phone screen.

Furthermore, users can not miss extremely lively sound made by Animal 4D App. Each 4D images of animal in Animal 4D App will go with the sound of animal in the nature. For example, when you make 4D image of a dog in your phone screen, you also hear that the sound of dog bark. Extremely funny! From that, you can easily recognize and distinguish the animals.

But seeing is believing. Why don’t you experience Animal 4D App and feel the lively 4D images of animal by yourself?Download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphone

Highly educational

A famous review website has given a good comment about Animal 4D App. It is ” Animal 4D App enables kids to experience the wildlife in life-size like never before. Animals 4D is packed with amazing features like “SpellMe”, which helps kids to spell & pronounce the name of the animals right. It also has an innovative feature like “AboutMe”, help kids to know about the animal’s life style and class” This review receive much agreement from not only the educational experts but also  parents having small children.

Animal 4D will bring the useful knowledge about animal for you. The information about one animal will be given next to the 4D image of animal. Not lengthy as in the dictionary about animal, information in Animal 4D App is enough for you to know the basic things, even the funny things about animals. In addition, according to recent scientific researches, images is capable of increasing time that certain information saves in human brain’s memory. Animal 4D App will help you remember knowledge about animal more easily and longer.

Modern technological

Although Animal 4D App is introduced as an educational application, don’t forget this app was also design with modern technology that is worth a try for everyone. This application is one of the pioneering applications in using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to reproduce 4D images on the phone screen. Animal 4D App which was built in the foundation of AR Technology will bring you efficient and accurate visualization about animal in the real world. Besides the real animal images, a new modern sound technology is also applied to make the typical sound depending on each type of animal and their living habitats. Using this app, you can have a ticket to visit a lively animal world without going to the zoo/ aquarium…

We are sure that this app will evoke the excitement to discover the animal world in you!Download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphone


One of the most important things to make one app become hot and trendy is the entertainment. As usual, Animal 4D App become hot trend thanks to high entertainment. The animal with full of characteristics from cute, lovely,… to ferocious and scary will bring you funny, exciting and satisfied experience that you have never tried before. Staying at home, holding your smartphones when your mind fly to other places around the world with the images of different Animal 4D . All you need to do while using Animal 4d App is relax, smile and watch the actions of animal in the screen. This app is suitable for children and the whole family. So, through Animal 4D App, family will have a fun and unforgetable time together.

Download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards on smartphone

To make the 4D Images of animal with Animal 4D App, you need the 2D Card. You can buy the Flash card set of this app in the Octagon website or some e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Taobao,… However the cost of 15$ for each card set is not really cheap. So, to facilitate for children and parents to have the most wonderful experience with this app, we will share a collection of 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards on smartphone. Download them to your phone and star playing Animal 4D App right now!Download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphoneDownload 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphoneDownload 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphoneDownload 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphoneDownload 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphoneDownload 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphoneDownload 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphone

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 99+ FREE Animal 4D Cards for children

How to use the card downloaded on smartphone?

After download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Card we gave above, you need to prepare 2 devices to make the 4D Images in Animal 4D App with them. Next, please download and install Animal 4D App on one of 2 devices. Your devices are likely smart phones or tablets, Ipad of same or different brands.

*The reason why you need to prepare 2 smartphone

+ Device 1: Using to display the animal 4D Cards.

+ Device 2: This device will use App Animal 4D Camera to scan Animal 4D Cards displaying on Device 1. Then, 4D images will appear on this device’s screen.

When Animal 4D App is ready to use on your smartphone, download and save the image of animal cards on the device 1. There is a variety of FREE Animal 4D Cards for you to choose freely from the common animals like cat, dog, fish,… to the wild animals such as tiger, lion, antelope,…

The rest of your work is very simple. Turn on Animal 4D application on device 2, then use the application’s camera to project the animal image saved on the device 1. The 2D cards on your device will be “transformed” to vivid 4D Images of animals.Download 1000 FREE Animal 4D Cards for smartphone

*  5 mins to DOWNLOAD and INSTALL Animal 4D App for unknown people

– If using iOS phone, open the App Store and search “Animal 4D”.

– If using Android phone, open Play Store and search “Animal 4D”.

After finding the version which is compatible with your operating system, click on “Install” on Android and “Get it” on IOS and wait for minutes. It takes a few minutes to install Animal 4D App on your phones.

Currently, the application installation is completely free on both Android and IOS operating systems.


– You can use the tool to rotate the animal 360 degrees and see the 4D animal more clearly.

– In the upper right corner, there is a directory where you can access to reference. This app has a very good English reading section for children to hear and improve their listening skill.

Through this post, we give you 1000 most FREE Animal 4D Cards to download and some helpful information about Animal 4D App. Now, you have one more useful educational application to choose when you want to discover the animal world. We hope a collection of Animal 4D Cards we shared can become helpful tools for your experience with Animal 4D App.

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