Adorable Home: Tips to Bring Couple Closer

Main characters in Adorable Home are the gamer and his/her spouse who create a family life together cute cats. The life in the game is the same with the real life. Therefore, the maintenance of happy marriage life is very important and uneasy.

Both new gamers and experienced ones have faced the situation that his partner doesn’t come back home from work, go over night and even go away some days. Sometimes, they are angry with each other and refuse to talk each other. Then, they suffer from being alone and raise questions: “Why does my partner go away?” or “How to make them closer?”. Even, some of gamers are so bored that they think of the divorcement

So, how to do to warm the love of couples in Adorable Home is a question which all gamers want to be answered. There must be some tips to help bring the couple closer; the following are tips to help couples get closer in Adorable Home that gamers should know:

Prepare food in a bento box

The preparation of the Bento box in Adorable Home is very important for couples to be closer. And it also gives you more hearts after your spouse comes home from work.

Prepare bento boxes for your partner.

But the marital disharmony “Rice is not at all well-cooked, nor is the soup well-seasoned” makes your partner angry and come home late one day or some days. Normally, your partner will come back home after around 6-8 hours of working.

The best way to solve the situation is that you should buy food and prepare delicious meals with quality bento boxes to draw your partner to come home more and to bring your couple closer; then you will get more love. The bento boxes include various foods which are arranged properly and attractively, balanced between meat and vegetables. For example, do not add too many fried foods in the bento box; or you can choose a specific menu such as: Sushi + Sashimi + Wagashi of Japan, arranged in the Galaxy box.

Change the menus often instead of prepared the same menu for whole week. No one likes boring menus.

Delicious and nice bento box will bring you more love.

Change decorations in Garden and Lounge

Re-arranging furniture and decorating lounge as well as garden will change living environment, creating a new and interesting atmosphere. This makes your partner feel more interesting, love you more and give you more hearts. After a long working day, your partner come back home and feel surprised from the change, feel comfortable and of course he/she will want to come back home soon.

Change furniture in Lounge.

After your spouse leaves home for work, you should make changes based on the weather of that day. Firstly, you check the weather. Accordingly, it is a sunny day, you should change the snow cave with a pool, put lots of flowers and plants in the yard for the couple to sit together, or for a picnic rug to be beautiful. You should only build snow caves when it is snowy. If it is rainy day, you can set up a tent in the yard, or you both stay indoors and watch movies or get a heater.

Follow up the weather.

You can add furniture to lounge and the garden to attract more animal visitors which bring you more love as well as make your life exciting. In a nice day, your couple can sit together in the beautiful garden to look at the sky and see stars. Your couple can also watch TV or listen to music, play piano or see fish tank… It is so romantic that no one wants to go out.

Make garden more beautiful

Take care of cats with your love

The cats in Adorable Home are very important as they also make your couple more tangled. When your spouse goes to work, you should take care of all the cats by feeding, bathing, cut their nails and playing with them. Remember to take care of them every few hours.

Take care of cats for more love

If you apply the above-mentioned tips correctly and fully, make sure that your spouse will come home with you much more. And if the tips are applied by you but your spouse still make you feel alone, it is time for you to consider a divorce quickly.

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