Adorable Home: How to Make up with Angry Cats

Millions of people have been going crazy over “Adorable Home,” a simulation mobile game created by Mexican game developer company, HyperBeard. The game will let you simulate a family life with a partner and a bunch of cats. The more cats you have, the more chances you’ll earn “love points,” which can later help you buy much furniture to decorate your home.

Elisabth is angry.

You can earn more “love” by grooming, feeding and playing with your cats. However, all Adorable Home players face with the angriness of cats in the game once or many times. If you don’t know correct ways to take care of the cats, they will be angry for a whole day or even in some days and refuse to give you hearts. At this time, you can’t touch them and let them alone and calm down. However, you still feed them with their favorite foods if not they will walk away.

This article will give you some tips to stop the angriness of the cats. However, it is better to avoid the angriness of cats instead of finding the ways to make up with them.

Take care of cats with your love.

4 ways to avoid making cats angry

Change food menu daily – Use the same menu for all cats

You should feed your cats with different menus for different meals and all cats are fed with the same foods. For example, today you feed them with fish; tomorrow they should be fed with grains.

Play with them

You should often take care of them and play with them; so they won’t have chances to get angry with you. Consider them as children and take care of them with your love.

Create playground for cats

You should prepare a playgroup with many toys for them. They are happy with many different activities.

Arrange furniture in lounge properly

You should follow up the weather to pay attention to the health of cats. Example, it is snowy, placing the air- condition in the lounge will make the cats angry. Instead, you should place a heater…

Note: Take care of all 4 cats instead of 12 ones at the same time.

Cat are already angry – How to make up with them most effectively and quickly?

When the cats are angry you can’t touch to them and no love is given to you by them. According to the sharing of many gamers, you should change time zone time to stop their angriness with the following steps:

Step 1: You exit from the game when the cats are angry and then re-set up Date and Time.

Step 2: Select a time zone which is faster than the current time of your country.

Step 3: Enter the game again. The angry cat mayn’t forgive you completely; but you still can play with them and get love from them.

After being angry, the cat is ready for being taken care of.

In addition to the way to change time zone, there are other ways for you to note:

You pay attention to the object which the angry cat is playing with. If yes, you can take such object away; then you feed them with foods, it will be happy and give you hearts. When it is eating the foods, you can put such object into the old place.

We introduce to you the tips to make up with the angry cats and hope that they are useful to you. If you know other tips, please comment and share with us.

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