Adorable Home Hits 15Mln Downloads Mar 3, 2020

Adorable home has been achieved 15 million downloads worldwide, after nearly 2 months of release, according to the announcement of HyperBeard, the developer of the game on its twitter on March 3, 2020.

Adorable Home attracts 15 million downloads.

Before, HyperBeard also announced the milestone of 5 million downloads and 10 million downloads of Adorable Home on February 21, 2020 and on February 28, 2010, respectively while expressing their thanks for the support of gamer in the globe.

The game hit 10 million downloads on February 28, 2020

Why does the game attract so much attention? If you haven’t download, the following information will be given to you for reference.

Adorable Home, a real life simulation game developed by Mexican gaming company HyperBeard, allows users to choose a partner to build a home with, have a furry companion along, decorate the space and purchase furniture.

In the game, you and your partner take care of cats to earn hearts (Love) in order to buy new furniture, plants, appliances, electronics…to beautify and customize your house. There are 12 cats that you can buy while playing Adorable Home, the more cats you will earn the more hearts you earn by bathing them, feeding them, cutting their nails, stroking and playing with them. Some of them are easy to be fed while others are difficult to be taken care of.

Thanks to the game, it seems like netizens have found a home – an adorable one. A gamer shared that on HyperBeard’s twitter: “This is what I want when I have my own property, waking up next to my partner, and then I’ll prepare his breakfast while his is getting ready for his work.  Adorable home is literally “Adorable” and it’s sweet. Good job HyperBeard!”

Even, many Adorable home gamers said the paying the game help them be more patient and accept the difficulties in the life in more simple way. Cute moments in the game are the same in the real life; they make the life more interesting and meaningful. Please, check out some of the adorable (and highly relatable) tweets from Adorable Home players, you will understand the reason for the popularity of Adorable Home via nice pictures taken from the game:

Come in please – Lovely cats.

Help me…!

Seeing your best friend with his best friend.

Are you ready to be taken photos?

I am scared of water. I don’t want to take a shower.

Decorate the bedroom with the furniture of your choice and enjoy it with your partner and your cats.

What is your favorite picture in #AdorableHome? This is mine.

When it’s very cold and you don’t want to get out of your bed.

Waiting! This coin is for my food.

Happy couple in Adorable Home.

Do you want to have adorable home like this?

Do you want to share happy moments with us in Adorable Home?

Home is to come back and share warn and happy life together.

The cat is working very professionally.

If this is the most beautiful thing you’ve seen this?

True friendship have no limits.

In Adorable Home you’ll find the tranquility you need. What song do you think they are playing?

There is nothing better than creating beautiful memories with the people we love.

Do you think you have the best garden in Adorable Home?

It doesn’t matter if you have a bad day, at home you will always find the happiness you need.Pictures speak louder than words. That’s right? After looking at the above-mentioned pictures, I think you can understand why 15 million netizens have played Adorable Home so far. Do you want to try?

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